David Orgel

Principal, David Orgel Consulting
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David Orgel is an award-winning business journalist, industry expert and speaker. He is currently the principal of David Orgel Consulting, delivering strategic content and counsel to the food, retail and CPG industries.



Growing pet category brings valuable consumer insights

This month, David Orgel discusses how the pet products segment reflects key trends about health and well-being, brand loyalty, and e-commerce.

Raising the profile of retail health initiatives

Columnist David Orgel examines how the health topic is being spotlighted by retailers in broader ways than during the pandemic.

Nailing consumer needs in the second half

As we enter the back half of the year, columnist David Orgel argues that retailers needs to be on point as the pandemic wanes to attract customers and inspire loyalty.

Kroger’s retail school is now in session

Columnist David Orgel writes about how the retailer, in response to the pandemic, is sharing best practices with all stakeholders — suppliers, employees, customers and even competitors — knowing that it will benefit the industry.

Steering retail to other side of pandemic

This month, columnist David Orgel discusses the new late-stage and post-pandemic imperatives for retailers, including a need for disruptive retail experiences and unique industry partnerships.

Retailers aim for pitch-perfect sourcing

This month, David Orgel discusses the various ways that retailers are finding suppliers to help innovate and offer the most relevant assortments.

Enhancing the online shopping experience

This month, David Orgel examines how retailers can continue to build e-commerce momentum as consumers’ expectations increase.

Retailers push for long-term relationships

As more retailers roll out membership programs, David Orgel highlights the need for these services to meet customer expectations over time.

Raising the bar on inclusion efforts

David Orgel looks at how retailers set high standards for diversity and inclusion in the past year — and the importance of continuing this focus.

How to be ready for anything in 2021

With the new year looming, David Orgel urges retailers to forget about predicting the future and focus instead on essential strategies.