HRG’s spots 5 standout products from March


Though March saw the return to daylight saving time and the The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, the new product team at Hamacher Resource Group still found time to assess 445 new products and select five standouts. The team’s picks for products with big potential on the shelf came from its assessment of 39 OTC products, 151 wellness products and 255 beauty products.

HRG’s five products to watch from March are:

1. Dulcolax Liquid Laxative
Dulcolax is branching out from its line of tablets. Parent company Sanofi introduced the magnesium hydroxide-based liquid laxative in a mint flavor. The stimulant-free laxative is designed to offer fast constipation and cramping relief. It is offered in 12-oz. bottles.

2. Always Pure Ultra Thin Pad Super with Wings
Procter & Gamble is continuing to expand its Always Pure line of natural feminine care products. The Ultra Thin Pad Super with Wings is being sold in packs of 21. The product is made with 100% organic cotton and the pads are free of chlorine bleaching, dyes and fragrances.

3.Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Wipes
Designed for consumers on the go, the Dove Go Fresh Deodorant Wipes, offered in a cucumber green tea scent, is alcohol-free. The Unilever brand’s product is formulated to be nonirritating and allows for odor to be wiped away any time.

4. Vicks Pure Zzzs Nightly Sleep Tablets
Building on the success of its ZzzQuil brand, Vicks is branching out into the natural direction with its Pure Zzzs Nightly Sleep Tablets. The drug-free product is a melatonin-based sleep aid that contains chamomile and lavender to help users fall asleep naturally. The product comes in 60-count bottles.

5. Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Strip to Scrub
The latest facial care product from Johnson & Johnson’s Neutrogena brand is looking to streamline the process. The blackhead-
eliminating product starts as a pore strip that dissolves in water, transforming into a face scrub. Formulated with salicylic acid, the product is gentle enough for daily use and comes in six-count boxes.