Wtrmln Wtr dives into the sports water game

World Waters, the parent company behind Wtrmln Wtr, announced the cold-pressed water would be entering the sports category.

The Denver-based brand unveiled the Wtrmln SportWtr offering, which is electrolyte-filled and helps enhanced performance on the field, court, boardroom or dance floor.

Containing enhanced watermelon water, is also has sea salt, vitamin C, the L-citrulline amino acid that helps muscles post-workout, and lycopene’s antioxidants, the company said.

"We as a society are all perpetually dehydrated, working hard and often running too fast to get the nutrients we need," Jody Levy, the founder of World Waters, and Wtrmln Wtr said. "As a shelf-stable, enhanced watermelon water, Wtrmln SportWtr provides a hydrating solution for the days where there's no refrigerator to store your cold-pressed Wtrmln Wtr. This product further enhances our mission to hydrate healthy humans wherever they are and whenever they need it the most in their day to day lives, with a healthier alternative to sugary, chemical-laden drinks."

In addition, the brand’s partner and NBA star, Chris Paul shared his support for the new product line by stating, “Wtrmln SportWtr is an innovative, low sugar, high function sports drink that really works to keep me hydrated on and off the court. It's super clean and my whole family loves it.”

The new offering from the brand is available in three flavors — lemon lime, berry blast, and sun drenched citrus. It also is formulated without artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors, consumers can find the beverage at major retailers across the nation in a 16-oz. single serve size for $2.99.