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Global Healing Center aims at stress relief with its tulsi supplement

BY David Salazar

Global Healing Center recently launched its tulsi — also known as holy basil — supplement. The supplement is meant to encourage a healthy response to stress, boost natural energy production and promote mental well-being, the company said.

Global Healing Center’s tulsi/holy basil supplement is a USDA-certified organic formula made from fresh leaves using the company’s Raw Herbal Extract technology. The 2-oz. supplement also is GMO-free, vegan, and gluten-free. The company’s process uses Energized Trace Minerals, a combination of carbon- and sulfur-rich minerals to enhance the energetic structure and bioavailability of the extract, as well as certified organic glycerin to preserve the plants nutrients.

“Holy Basil is an amazing herb that boosts your resilience to stress and fatigue,” said Dr. Edward Group, founder and CEO of Global Healing Center. “Say goodbye to anxiety, tension and feeling overwhelmed and say hello to a calm, refreshed mind.”

Global Healing Center was founded by Dr. Group in 1998 and remains family-owned and -operated. Its products focus on eliminating unnecessary ingredients, binders, fillers and toxic compounds.


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