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CBD nasal spray Rhinodol launches

BY David Salazar

New Leaf Pharmaceuticals is bringing an innovative way to deliver CBD meant to help with aches and pains. The Newtown, Conn.-based company has introduced Rhinodol nasal spray, which uses a transmucosal deliver method for the CBD.

The company said that because CBD is fat soluble and it has low bioavailability when administered orally, transmucosal or intranasal delivery has been shown to be better, making it so that roughly half of the ingredient is absorbed by the body, compared with as little as 5% via oral administration.

“I had many patients coming to me about using CBD products and what we found on the market and online wasn’t really going to be very effective for anyone,” New Leaf Pharmaceuticals co-founder Rod Deraney said. “As a doctor, I knew that getting CBD into the bloodstream was of the utmost importance for efficacy. The results we have seen are extremely impressive.”



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