Cystex Ultra Protection features probiotic formula


Cystex is expanding its line of urinary health products with a brand new innovation.

New from the Chattanooga, Tenn.-based company is Cystex Ultra Protection, a product that contains a probiotic formula that looks to help manage recurrent urinary tract infections, as well as maintain urinary tract health.

Key ingredients found in the product include probiotics, 36 mg PACs of cranberry, vitamin A and bio-shield technology, which protects cranberry PCAs from stomach acid, the company said.

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“Cystex Ultra Protection is the first product of its kind. My patients who have long suffered from recurrent UTIs will be happy to be able to proactively prevent them in the future,” Yvonne C. Bohn, Cystex chief medical correspondent said. “For my patients to be able to think less about recurrent UTIs and more about their general health, this product will give them a piece of mind many have been longing for.”

Currently, Cystex Ultra Protection is available for purchase at CVS Pharmacy, and independent pharmacies.