YouCam Makeup, Eylure bring lash styles to AR-powered app

As part of its expansion beyond the world of lipsticks and eyeshadows, YouCam Makeup has announced a partnership with Eylure, which will allow users to try on and shop the latest trends in false eyelashes.

The integration of the New York City-based company’s augmented reality technology delivers users an authentic false lash try-on experience that brings Eylure’s line of products to life with a simple tap, the company said.

“We are thrilled to partner with the innovative influencer-driven brand Eylure to make their curated lash styles more accessible than ever before,” Alice Chang, CEO of Perfect, said. “YouCam is excited to further elevate the gorgeous styles of Eylure’s empowering curators to bring the lashes to life in a whole new dimension.”

In-app offerings from Eylure will feature lashes from influencer-curated collections by Las Vegas social media guru Vegas Nay, YouTube celebrity Jasmine Brown, makeup guru Krazyrayray and top-selling lashes from the U.K.-based brand’s silk effects, faux mink, definition and wispy collections.

A total of 10 Eylure lashes will be available for users to choose from, and YouCam’s AR try on allows consumers to test out all the styles in less than 10 seconds, the company said.

“Partnering with YouCam was a perfect match, and we’re so excited for consumers — and potential new ones — to experience our curated lash styles themselves,” Dametria Mustin, global marketing director of PCD Brands, said. “Whether you’re looking for that natural everyday look, or something more dramatic, our lashes add just the right amount of glam to take your style to the next level.”

In addition to lashes, YouCam Makeup will be coding in Jasmine Brown’s signature beauty look, including dark berry lips and dramatic contouring for users to experience and try on for themselves.

YouCam Makeup is currently available for download on the App Store and Google Play.