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Mark Hamstra is a freelance business writer with experience covering a range of topics and industries, including food and drug retailing, marketing and technology. Mark entered the world of B2B publishing as a copy editor at Drug Store News in 1993 and then spent several years as a writer and editor at Nation’s Restaurant News, Supermarket News and other publications before becoming a freelancer.



Store brands shine as consumer wallets tighten

Retailers’ private label product sales are growing as consumers seek affordable health-and-wellness solutions.

Payless Drugs taps into solar power

The independent pharmacy retailer is seeking to minimize its environmental footprint and drive cost savings at the same time via solar power energy.

Retailers ramp up initiatives to drive equity, diversity and sustainability

Drug store chains strengthen their program efforts and service activities to maximize community impact.

Oregon: A pioneer in advancing pharmacy scope

Oregon passed landmark legislation that requires payers to reimburse pharmacists for any clinical services within the state’s pharmacy scope of practice in 2015.

North Dakota: Broad scope in testing capabilities

For many services, pharmacists in the state can bill as a healthcare provider just like physicians.

Colorado: A framework for protocols

Key developments, including the creation of an infrastructure for statewide protocols in 2016 and a provider status bill, have expanded pharmacists’ scope of practice.

California: New license expands scope for pharmacists

The scope of authority that pharmacists have been granted under the new advanced practice license sets the state apart.

State of play: Profiling state efforts to expand pharmacist scope of practice

Pharmacists prove themselves during the pandemic, eye additional authorities.

Industry experts offer big ideas

Existing challenges in retail pharmacy are likely to continue, but bold thinking will provide opportunity.

Overcoming obstacles: Despite challenges, generics companies optimistic for 2022

Generic drugmakers report making adjustments to their supply chains, including changes in transportation and sourcing strategies, as well as confidence in their outlook for the year ahead.