Walgreens’ chief medical officer departs to join MDisrupt

Chet Robson, former chief clinical officer at Walgreens, will spearhead the advancement of MDisrupt’s Digital Health Standards Platform to enable the assessment of healthcare technologies based on real-world clinical performance.
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Walgreens is undergoing a slight leadership division change. 

Chet Robson has been appointed chief medical officer of MDisrupt, a platform for connecting digital health companies with healthcare experts, after serving as one of the company’s strategic advisors since January 2021.

“Our mission at MDisrupt is to organize the world’s digital health products by performance. In order to do this, we need to help the most impactful digital health solutions make it to market quickly and responsibly. The pattern we see with digital health companies is that those who have chief medical officers on their teams and engage clinicians early and often in the product development process, are often more successful at scaling,” said Ruby Gadelrab, CEO and founder of MDisrupt. “Chet is a best-in-class CMO who has deep experience across many different healthcare stakeholders including private practice, health systems, retail healthcare and digital healthcare, and he has delivered healthcare in almost every delivery model and payment structure. We are thrilled to welcome Chet to the leadership team during this pivotal time for our company.”

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In his previous role as chief clinical officer at Walgreens, Robson served as the medical director of the Walgreen’s Boots Alliance global pandemic response and worked closely with numerous eminent and influential healthcare organizations, including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on COVID-19 testing, vaccines and employee safety.

“Despite the expansion of this industry, there is currently no objective and independent resource for all stakeholders in healthcare to find appropriate and evidence-based information about digital health solutions. MDisrupt’s value proposition of connecting innovative digital health companies with experts in the healthcare space will extend beyond operators to clinical early adopters to ensure responsible growth at scale,“ added Gadelrab.

A core part of  Robson’s previous role was assessing the clinical integrity of digital health solutions across the healthcare continuum. Robson has a deep understanding of the commercial and clinical viability requirements for digital health products and will be integral in helping MDisrupt guide its digital health clients in commercializing digital health products and solutions.

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“MDisrupt is setting the standard for high-quality and high-impact digital health products, which is exactly what today’s digital health companies need to bring their products to market and scale them quickly and safely,” said Chet Robson, MDisrupt’s chief medical officer. “I’m excited to lead MDisrupt’s new offering that will enable clinically crowdsourced data generation by engaging clinical early adopters in community medicine. The goal is to help digital health companies assess how their products work and perform in real-world settings that are truly representative of diverse populations and create value in healthcare through evidence-based practice.”