Report: Amazon is preferred retailer of more than 75% of U.S. customers

BY Drug Store News Team

Seventy-six percent of Americans shopping online this holiday season expect to make most purchases on Amazon, according to CNBC’s “All-America Economic Survey.”

While Walmart comes in second place, the retailer lags far behind its rival. Only 8% of Americans who shop online are visiting the discount giant to search or check prices, according to CNBC.

American online shoppers are also using Amazon as their go-to search engine, with 65% of online shoppers searching on Amazon all or most of the time. This is up sharply each of the last two years, the study reported.

The online giant is also the clear winner when it comes to online conversion or the rate of getting consumers who browse to follow through with a purchase. While the average rate of overall online conversion at around just 3%, Amazon has a whopping 57% of searchers buying on the site always or most of the time, according to the study.

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