Wellspan Health, Voiceport collaborate on improved medication adherence

BY Jason Owen

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — VoicePort today announced a finalized agreement to deploy their services with WellSpan Health, a new client located in York, Pa., offering a vast array of inpatient, outpatient, home health and physician services.

The company will install two of VoicePort’s patient solutions: PharmaRemind patient notifications and Meducation prescription translation, education and written instruction service. Both innovative solutions will enter Wellspan Health’s pharmacy work-flow in pursuit of delivering improved medication adherence for their pharmacy patients.

Both companies are eager to begin the collaboration and the opportunity to better patient medication adherence. “We are very excited to have the chance to work with WellSpan Health in the opportunity of improving patient health and improving medication adherence,” said Alphonse J. Sasso, VP business development with Voiceport.

Added Cynthia Johannes Beecher, director of Wellspan Pharmacy and Healthy Community Pharmacy, "We are pleased to be partnering with VoicePort to be able to enhance the services we provide our pharmacy patients in the area of education, adherence and private notification on prescription status."

PharmaRemind is a patient reminder service that provides automated HIPAA and PHI compliant notifications to patients to help them stay on task to refill, or pick up a prescription from their pharmacy. The solution will be integrated within the WellSpan Health Pharmacy Management Data Base System with programming built in to recognize when patients should be communicated regarding a prescription to help keep them on regimen. The patient receives their notification in their preferred mode of communication including advanced speech recognition phone, e-mail, text or smartphone.

Meducation is a patient translation, education and instruction service that delivers medication instruction sheets in easy-to-read vocabulary, with translations in 18 different languages. VoicePort is the authorized partner to sell these services in collaboration with Meducation parent company, Polyglot Systems. The solution is written in a manner to help low healt- literate and limited English proficient patients better understand the instructions on how to take their medication complete, with such tools as a universal medication scheduler, pictograms, device videos and a multiple medication calendar scheduler.

VoicePort’s PharmaPhonetics patient solution delivers cost-effective, automated, personalized, intelligent and interactive unified communications that connects directly to the patients on behalf of the pharmacy. Their services include prescription pick-up and refill reminder notifications, health awareness/medical therapy review messaging, patient counseling, translation, education and instruction services, mobile applications focused on pharmacy or the front end, automated web-based appointment scheduling services and patient co-payment assistance programs. The Unified Patient Communication platform enables permission based phone, text, e-mail, web and mobile notifications that are personalized to individual patients and their specific needs.

“Medication adherence is estimated to be a $300 billion issue in the United States. Offering our clients communication patient instruction options via phone, web, text, e-mail and mobile to deliver messages that align to their customers’ preferred needs will help to increase compliance and improve the overall health of each patient,” said Christopher J. Mann, president and CEO, Voiceport. Mann added, “Our new partnership with WellSpan Health further demonstrates the value of our intelligent and automated solutions. We look forward to working with them to satisfy all of their patient needs. We also expect that we will have opportunities to meet with like organizations throughout the country in this new space to leverage our solutions in a similar fashion.”

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