Diplomat unifies infusion companies under new Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group

BY David Salazar
FLINT, Mich. — In an effort to bring together its five infusion subsidiaries, Diplomat Pharmacy launched its new brand, the Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group. The brand unites American Homecare Federation, At-Home IV Infusion Professional, BioRx, MedPro Rx and XAS infusion services. 
“As we continue to build on the work we have done, we are excited to move forward with the launch of our new Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group brand,” Diplomat CEO and chairman Phil Hagermann said. “Together, our combined resources allow us to continue to build upon our expertise and services for patients with specialized needs.”
The company said the Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group companies would continue to offer focused services within such areas as hemophilia and bleeding disorders, hereditary angioedema, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, immune globulin and parenteral and enteral nutrition. 
“This brand opens a new door for us,” Diplomat VP and Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group president Phil Rielly said. “Our patients are our driving force. They are our motivation to continue pushing for better therapies and educating on the industry. We are determined to keep working and advocating under the new brand on their behalf—to be the voice our patients don’t always have.”

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