Todd Treon Chronic Care Management

Chronic care management perspective


Industry executives concede that there aren’t quick solutions to improving outcomes for chronic diseases. As a result, making progress will take partnerships and smart strategies.

“There are no silver bullets,” said Todd Treon, vice president of Medicine Shoppe International. “It’s such a deep behavioral challenge in many ways that we’re going to need to come up with some other models and look at the longer payback horizon with all of the actors that are part of this system.”

Becky Dant, director of professional services at Costco, pointed to the siloed nature of the health system, in which “the insurance company has one goal, and the pharmacy has another goal and the healthcare provider has a different goal.”

The solution is “really creating those partnerships so you are caring for the patient, and you’re decreasing duplicate work that doesn’t need to be there,” she said.

The industry employs a lot of jargon in discussing topics such as chronic care, but oftentimes “buzzwords actually have meaning,” said Marcus Silva, director of U.S. marketing and analytics at BD Medical-diabetes care.

“I think about diabetes care, and ‘population management’ certainly is a big component of managing diabetes throughout the patient journey,” he said. “’Collaboration’ is another buzzword, but it’s important … I think when we work together, we can really make an impact.”


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