Amgen cuts prices for Repatha devices

BY Sandra Levy

Amgen announced today that all Repatha (evolocumab) device options, including the prefilled syringe and Pushtronex — on-body infusor with prefilled cartridge — are now available at a 60% reduced list price of $5,850 per year.

The most commonly used delivery system, the Repatha SureClick autoinjector, was made available at the lower list price of $5,850 in October 2018. The lower priced Repatha options are identical to the Repatha options currently available, but have been introduced to reduce out-of-pocket costs for patients, especially Medicare patients, the company said.

“Every 40 seconds, someone in America has a heart attack or stroke, making cardiovascular disease one of the country’s most significant health challenges,” Murdo Gordon, Amgen’s executive vice president of global commercial operations, said. “Repatha can help to address this significant public health issue, which is why we are working hard to improve patient affordability by lowering Repatha’s list price to improve patient co-pays, especially for Medicare patients.”

Eighty percent of current Repatha Medicare patients have access to Repatha at the new lower list price through their plans. Additionally, more patients now can fill a Repatha prescription at a retail pharmacy because a number of large payers are reclassifying Repatha as a non-specialty therapy.

“The lower list price announced in October has been received very positively by patients, physicians and payers, and we are already seeing a noticeable impact for patients,” Gordon said. “However, more must be done to help more patients get to a low fixed co-pay. We need continued engagement from all stakeholders — from healthcare professionals to payers to plans and to government agencies — to help ensure patients benefit from the lower list price to reduce their out-of-pocket costs.”

The Pushtronex system is a hands-free device that provides 420 mg of Repatha once monthly in a single dose. The device adheres to the body during administration. Patients are able to perform moderate physical activities, such as walking, reaching or bending as the 420 mg of Repatha is delivered subcutaneously. The prefilled syringe and SureClick are administered once every two weeks.


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