Study supports use of GlucoTrack, a non-invasive glucose monitoring device

BY Michael Johnsen

WILMINGTON, Del. — Integrity Applications this week submitted data demonstrating that the performance of GlucoTrack, a non-invavisive glucose monitoring device, is comparable among patients with prediabetes, newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes and long duration of type 2 diabetes.

The study evaluated the performance of GlucoTrack, a non-invasive glucose monitoring device, and found that 100% of the measurements were in the clinically acceptable zones of the Consensus error grid.

"The finding of comparable clinical and numerical accuracies across all groups indicates that the device is suitable for people with long and short durations of type 2 diabetes as well as for people with prediabetes, signifying that many patients worldwide may benefit from GlucoTrack," stated Tamar Lin, lead research scientist at Integrity Applications. Non-invasive glucose monitoring devices for home use aim to overcome the barriers of current invasive glucose monitoring methods by offering a simple, painless and convenient means to measure glucose levels.

"GlucoTrack holds the potential to promote frequent glucose self-monitoring and thus improve glycemic control," added Eugene Naidis, VP R&D at Integrity Applications. "This may in turn reduce diabetes-related complications and in certain cases even prevent the development of diabetes in individuals with prediabetes."


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