Stork OTC represents affordable, efficacious in-home solution to infertility treatments

BY Michael Johnsen

PITTSBURGH — Stork OTC earlier this month posted the latest testimonial supporting the efficacy behind its Stork OTC, an FDA-approved at-home infertility kit.

“Since trying to conceive can already be a stressful time, not only mentally but financially, couples in all situations find the at-home insemination process to cause them less anxiety,” noted Michael Pelekanos, author of the published post-coital study that reviewed the Stork OTC. “It allows for both partners to be involved even if traditional methods aren’t an option or haven’t worked.”

The Stork OTC is available for purchase at select retailers nationwide and online for the average retail price of $79.99, making it more accessible and less expensive than other first-line options for all couples trying to conceive.


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