Olika marries form and design into new hand sanitizing spray

BY Michael Johnsen

Olika on Tuesday introduced Minnie a bird-shaped, natural hand sanitizing spray that contains 30 mL of aloe vera and essential oils.

“It’s incredibly exciting to expand the Olika family with the launch of Minnie,” Jessica Postiglione, CEO Olika, said. “Minnie is a natural follow-up to our first product Birdie, and answers the market desire for a second-generation product. Informed by customer feedback, Minnie by Olika may be little, but she is fierce and believes herself superior to her big brother, Birdie.”

Standing at 2.25 x 2 inches and complete with a locking mechanism, Minnie is ergonomically designed to fit in a hand and contains more than 525 sprays. The formulation improves skin hydration for up to 24 hours, the company noted.

Minnie’s fragrance is a blend of aloe vera leaf juice and the essential oils of bergamot, lemon and spearmint.

Minnie is the sister product of Olika’s Birdie, the bird-shaped 2-in-1 hand sanitizer containing a spray and dry wipes, which launched in 2017.


The newest hand sanitizer from the New York-based Olika retails online at $6.49 and is debuting at select Urban Outfitters locations. Minnie is available in robin’s egg, charcoal, eggshell and the latest color, thistle.



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