iHear pairs with on FDA-cleared home hearing screener

iHear Medical on Wednesday announced that it has partnered with to offer the iHearTest, the first and only FDA-cleared home hearing screener, with reimbursement eligibility through flexible spending account programs. Offering FSA reimbursement eligibility furthers iHEAR's mission to provide consumers with affordable and accessible hearing solutions.

The FDA-cleared iHearTest has been clinically proven to accurately score hearing ability in each ear on a scale from 1 to 5 based on World Health Organization guidelines. Anyone who suspects that they or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss can now purchase the iHearTest and reimburse the cost through their FSA program. Results of the iHearTest can be used to program iHEAR hearing devices, including the iHEAR HD and iHEAR MAX, based on a consumer's individual needs.

"We are excited that the iHearTest is now offered at," Adnan Shennib, iHear Medical president, said. "For people living with hearing loss, the availability of the iHearTest at this leading online retail outlet will offer additional access to our breakthrough hearing screening technology."

Hearing aids became available over-the-counter thanks to new legislation signed last fall, and iHear was one of the pioneers in the space with a retail option at the ready.

Consumers may become particularly interested in OTC hearing aids toward the end of the calendar year as they look to empty their FSA accounts, Jeremy Miller, CEO of, recently shared with Drug Store News in an exclusive interview last year.