Consumer insights: Fall OTC shopping list


A recent study by Field Agent — which provides business information and consumer insights by leveraging traditional methodologies and incorporating new, cutting-edge crowd-sourcing and mobile technologies to deliver real-time information about purchasing behavior, attitudes and more — examined what consumers are planning to do to keep themselves and their families healthy this fall.

“Although the 2013-14 flu season was described as comparatively mild, sales of cold and allergy medications, nasal products, and other health-and-wellness merchandise improved over the previous year. Combined sales of the products in the table below amounted to $7.7 billion last year,” Field Agent noted in a blog post.

“We decided to move beyond simple purchasing behavior and buying intentions to actually address shoppers’ attitudes about their 2014 physical well-being. More specifically, we asked consumers whether they would be more protective of their personal health this year. In all, 45% of shoppers said they would take better care of themselves in 2014, while 54% said their attitude would remain largely unchanged from the previous flu season,” Field Agent noted.

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