CBD who’s who: 101 CBD


All CBD is not created equal, said Justin Benton, president of Ventura, Calif,-based 101 CBD. Retailers should look for products that contain full-spectrum CBD instead of isolate, because the latter refers to burning down the CBD into a powder, which makes it lose valuable nutrients. “We firmly believe in raw CBD,” he said.

The company makes CBD oils in varieties called Alleviate, Chill, Boost, CBD, and Decarboxylated CBD Oil, which is heated at lower temperatures that result in a higher potency. Also available are CBD Topicals, including a Raw Relief Roll-On and Raw Relief CBD Topical for soothing localized pain of arthritis, neck and back spasms, and migraines. Topicals are widely used by massage therapists, and are a healthy way to deliver CBD, Benton said. “We don’t do vaping or edibles,” he said. “A brownie might be fun, but you don’t want to eat that every day.”


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