Wegmans Menu mag celebrates 10 years

BY Michael Johnsen

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“When we launched Wegmans Menu magazine 10 years ago, we wanted to share our passion for food with readers,” stated Wegmans CEO Danny Wegman. “We wanted to give them help making meals easy, healthy and affordable, and wanted to encourage them to eat more vegetables and fruit.”

“Our Meal and Recipe Development Team, which includes several of our executive chefs, does an amazing job making ideas work in the kitchen,” commented John Hawkes, Wegmans Menu editor.

Recipes now are grouped toward the front of the magazine with feature articles toward the back, so readers can find what they’re looking for quickly. New features have been added over the years, including “Chefs Unplugged,” for home cooks ready to go beyond the ordinary. In the current issue, Wegmans executive chef for Asian cuisine, Kenny Chei, shared recipes and tips for making dim sum.

The publication also has embraced an age where many shoppers consume their media over their smart phones — several of the magazine’s articles contain a Quick Response code, a type of bar code that conveys instructions to mobile devices. For example, the QR code can direct a phone to a video hosted on

Rounding out the current issue of the magazine are articles on healthy living, the seasonal pantry and in-depth pieces on foods worth knowing more about.




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