Target, Walmart and Walgreens crack the top 10 in Lithium Technologies’ Klout 50: Retail Edition

BY Michael Johnsen

SAN FRANCISCO — Target, Walmart and Walgreens represent three retail pharmacy operations to crack the top 10 in Lithium Technologies' Klout 50: Retail Edition, which ranks the top 50 retailers with the most social influence. The top 50 list, released Monday, also includes retail pharmacy operators CVS Health, Rite Aid, Sears and Good Neighbor Pharmacy. 
The common theme with the Klout 50 retailers is that brands are using social in every part of the customer journey to help with purchasing decisions. These brands recognize that the customer journey includes more than the standard social platforms and they leverage other tools such as branded content, owned communities and influencer campaigns. “Customers expect instant customer service, personalized offers and perks no matter where they are," said Katy Keim, Lithium Technologies CMO. "Social provides the perfect platform to deliver on these customer expectations."
In a study conducted by Millward Brown, brands that have online communities actually drove 12 times as much traffic (than all social channels combined) and twice as many online conversions (to sales) than brands that relied on other social channels such as Facebook.
The Klout 50: Retail Edition is based on the NRF Top 100 Retailers Chart 2014 and corresponding Klout Scores. 

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