Energizer gives Ultimate Lithium batteries a power boost

BY Allison Cerra

ST. LOUIS — Energizer is making its Ultimate Lithium last longer than ever with a new retooled formula.

The Ultimate Lithium AA batteries now last up to nine times longer in digital cameras (compared with Energizer Max batteries), while Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries also last up to nine times longer in high-drain digital cameras. Similarly, Energizer Advanced Lithium AA and AAA batteries last up to six times longer in digital cameras.

The improved Ultimate Lithium AA batteries now are appearing on store shelves nationwide, the company said.

"Ultimate Lithium batteries are ideal for digital cameras and flashes because they are designed to deliver energy at high rates," Energizer technology manager Dan Durbin said. "For this improvement we reconfigured the battery with improved materials, allowing it to deliver even more energy at a high rate. Fans and advocates of our lithium batteries will be happy to know Energizer continues to invest in identifying and evaluating ways to further extend runtimes with this powerful battery."


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