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General Mills shakes up snack aisle with Hidden Valley Ranch-Flavored Bugles

hidden valley ranch bugles

There’s a brand new Bugles ready to shake up the snack aisle.

General Mills announced that it is bringing the popular flavors of ranch to the salty snack with the Hidden Valley Ranch Flavored Bugles.

“We’re always looking for new flavors to excite our fans and make the Bugles they know and love even better,” said Stephanie Lensing, brand experience manager at General Mills. “Hidden Valley Ranch is the perfect partner to enhance the crunch of Bugles with the tangy ranch goodness only they can deliver.”

Featuring the bold flavors of Hidden Valley Ranch’s zesty herbs, it is coupled with the unique cone-shape of Bugles, the company said.

“Hidden Valley Ranch fans are always looking for new ways to enjoy the ranch flavor they love,” said Rachel Garrison, associate director at Hidden Valley Ranch. “What better way to offer something exciting than teaming up with the iconic Bugles brand for a delicious snack that’s also fun to eat!”

Consumers can find Hidden Valley Ranch Flavored Bugles on shelves at convenience and grocery retailers nationally this fall.


Walgreens eyes success of Boots’ recycling effort

walgreens teaser

Walgreens is keeping an eye on a container recycling program that performed well at its Boots banner in the United Kingdom.

After a 50-store test that began in 2020, Boots last year rolled out the Recycle at Boots program to an additional 650 stores, allowing customers to return hard-to-recycle HBC items, such as toothpaste tubes and mascara containers. Customers are rewarded with 250 Boots Advantage Card Points for every five containers returned.

During the trial period, consumers dropped off more than 500,000 used HBC containers, the company said. “The reaction from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Lucy Reynolds, director of communications and CSR at Boots UK, in a post on the company’s website.

Boots sends the used containers to its recycling partner, MYGroup, which sorts them, shreds them and forms them into plastic boards, which are then used to create new items, such as chairs and reusable storage containers, some of which are now being used at Boots warehouses.

Lauren Stone, director of corporate social responsibility at Walgreens, said the pharmacy retail chain’s U.S. division is watching the results from its sister banner carefully, although she said it’s not yet clear if a similar program could work in the United States.

“We’re definitely taking learnings from the work they’re doing over at Boots,” she said. “It’s something we would love to do if we can operationalize it here in the U.S.”


Womaness exfoliates, brightens complexions with Brighten Up

womaness brighten up

Womaness is continuing to address modern menopause solutions for women in their 40s and beyond with a brand-new skin care product.

Brighten Up, a 2-in-1 exfoliating toner is formulated with AHAs, BHAs and PHAs to help diminish dark spots, reduce wrinkles and improve the skin’s overall texture, the company said.

Other notable ingredients found in the product include lactic acid to aid in removing dead skin cells and Saccharum officinarum, a natural exfoliant that smooths and brightens the appearance of skin.  

Currently, Brighten Up is available for purchase online for the suggested retail price of $24.99.


GSK obtains FDA OK for new presentation of Menveo

Stamp saying approved

The Food and Drug Administration has approved GSK’s new presentation of Menveo [Meningococcal (Groups A, C, Y, and W-135) Oligosaccharide Diptheria CRM197 Conjugate Vaccine] for individuals aged 10 to 55 years to help prevent invasive meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroups A, C, Y and W.

The Menveo one-vial presentation now comes in a ready-to-use single vial giving healthcare providers a more convenient option. The Menveo one-vial presentation will initially be available to U.S. federal customers, with broader availability anticipated in mid-2023.

Invasive meningococcal disease, known as meningitis, is an uncommon but serious illness that can cause life-threatening complications or even death. IMD is caused by Neisseria meningitidis, with the majority of cases caused by serogroups (A, B, C, W, Y) in most of the world. Among those who contract meningitis, one in 10 will die, despite treatment, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. One in five (up to 20%) of meningitis survivors suffer long-term consequences, such as brain damage, amputations, hearing loss and nervous system problems.

“Outbreaks of this dangerous disease continue to occur, impacting families, health systems and society,” said Roger Connor, president of vaccines and global health at GSK. “This FDA approval of Menveo one-vial presentation offers greater convenience to healthcare providers to help prevent this disease in at-risk populations in the United States.”

The original two-vial presentation of Menveo requiring reconstitution was approved by the FDA in 2010 and remains available for use in individuals from two months to 55 years of age.


International Delight sweetens coffee with cinnamon churro flavor

international delight cinnamon churro iced coffee

International Delight is adding a hint of sweetness to mornings with the launch of a new iced coffee flavor — cinnamon churro.

Inspired by the flavors of fresh-made churros, the product contains an indulgent creaminess that is blended with a burst of cinnamon flavors, the company said.

“International Delight is known for transforming everyday coffee moments into celebrations of self-expression and joy,” said Kallie Goodwin, vice president of marketing for International Delight. “Consumers are clearly excited about the iconic and nostalgic flavor of churros, and we wanted to create a unique beverage that not only delivered on the dessert’s rising popularity but was also truly different from other ready-to-drink iced coffees in stores right now. We are thrilled to give our fans the ability to indulge in the delectable treat any season for any reason, right from the comfort of their home with International Delight Cinnamon Churro Iced Coffee.”

Made with real milk, cream and cane sugar, International Delight’s cinnamon churro iced coffee comes in 64-oz. cartons that retail for $4.59 each at major retailers nationwide.


Coffee mate collabs with Pop-Tarts, Twix on candy-inspired creamers

coffee mate twix pop-tarts creamers

Coffee mate is planning to kick off 2023 with not one but two candy-inspired coffee creamers.

The two new launches from the brand that consumers can be on the lookout for include Coffee mate Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts Flavored Creamer and Zero Sugar Twix Flavored Creamer.

“Coffee mate fans are always looking for fun, new flavors and we feel that each of these limited-edition collaborations uniquely meets that mark,” said Leonardo Aizpuru, Nestlé senior director of brand marketing and leader of the creamer business unit. “Pop-Tarts and Twix are both iconic brands in their own right, so we’re excited to bring each of these flavors to the creamer aisle. Plus, with consumers’ ever-growing interest in zero sugar options, we hope introducing Twix to our portfolio of zero sugar offerings is an added bonus for fans!”

In the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts Flavored Creamer, consumers can expect to find cinnamon and brown sugar flavors. With the Zero Sugar Twix Flavored Creamer, notes of milk chocolate, caramel and cookie can be expected.

Both creamers will hit shelves in early 2023 for a limited time.