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Theraflu to launch Flu Relief Max Strength

Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength

Haleon is previewing a new product, which is among the first consumer health product releases since the company’s launch.

Just in time for cold and flu season, this September consumers will be able to pick up Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength.

Featuring 1,000 mg of acetaminophen, the product offers relief for several common flu symptoms — including fever, body ache, sore throat pain, cough and runny nose — for up to 6 hours and is available in a variety of formulations for all types of lifestyles and preferences, the company said.

Theraflu Flu Relief Max Strength will be available over the counter in September and online in mid-late September.


CareSens N, American Diabetes Association partner on fundraiser


The American Diabetes Association’s Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes fundraising walk and events are now back to in-person attendance. 

Through fundraising events held nationwide, Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes has been supporting advancements in diabetes research, providing educational programming and advocating for more than 30 years, for more than 34 million Americans living with diabetes, the company said. 

Taking place Sept. 17 in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CareSens N will participate at the Know Your Numbers booth to help participants of Step Out learn what blood glucose (blood sugar) numbers represent and how lowering those numbers will help them successfully manage their diabetes in order to minimize complications, healthcare costs and live a better life.



HRG updates industry-standard classification system

beauty personal care product icons

HRG has completed the semiannual update of its Fine Line classification system for health, beauty and wellness, home, health care and general merchandise products with notable adjustments to reflect industry changes.

The September 2022 updates include extensive modifications which support the Fine Lines mission of improving the shopping experience, increasing reporting capabilities and supporting merchandising strategies.

In the baby care category, the pediatric electrolytes Fine Line was moved from the baby formula, nutritional and food subcategory to the baby health, beauty and wellness subcategory to reflect the treatment aspect of those products. The baby oil Fine Line was repurposed to become the electrolytes Fine Line and baby oil was added to the description of the baby lotions and creams category. 

“There was a significant change to the sun care category to reflect shifting consumer behavior,” said Donna Boulieu, senior product and strategic pricing analyst at HRG. “Manufacturers have responded to consumers who are looking for multi-functional skin care solutions beyond UVA/UVB protection as well as those who want to protect their skin and the environment by using natural products.”

Additionally, new subcategories therapeutic/beauty sun protection and mineral/natural sun protection have been added based on these shopper-desired attributes:

  •  Beauty/Cosmetic — hydrating, tone-correcting, tinted;
  • Therapeutic — dermatologist recommended, sensitive skin, noncomedogenic;
  • Natural and Botanicals — free-from certain ingredients, plant-based, recycled packaging; and 
  • Minerals — physical barriers such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. 

“We are seeing that consumers are looking for different attributes in sunscreen based on whether it is for their face or body, so we have added “face” Fine Lines to each subcategory,” said Boulieu. 

HRG’s team of analysts continually reviews the Fine Line classification system to determine whether modifications are necessarily based on consumer market changes, emerging categories and subcategories or to reflect merchandising trends. The Fine Line system classifies HBW, HHC and GM products into categories, subcategories and product segments and is used across the retail supply chain.

Categories are organized by 2-, 3- and 4-digit fine lines by the organization’s analyst teams to offer more refined reporting capabilities, facilitate analysis of product performance and segment the placement of products.

HRG releases updates to Fine Lines twice a year — in March and September — and updates may consist of description changes, recategorization of items and additions or deletions of categories and/or subcategories.


FDB launches FDB Navigo

a man using a laptop computer

FDB is introducing FDB Navigo, a cloud-based solution that provides retail pharmacists with targeted, consolidated and actionable clinical guidance at the most optimal time in their workflow.

Developed over the past three years in collaboration with a major retail pharmacy chain, FDB Navigo streamlines the retail pharmacists workflow by changing the focus of medication safety alerts and the way these alerts are presented and processed. Specifically, FDB Navigo provides actionable guidance to the pharmacist based on the most important risks to the patient as reflected in the patient's clinical record in the pharmacys system.

Additionally, FDB Navigo consolidates the appropriate information across all major clinical domains, including drug interactions, allergies, precautions and dosing information, to eliminate the current siloed approach in which retail pharmacists need to consider alerts within each clinical domain. 

FDB Navigo assists the retail pharmacist to determine the next best step for each patient, whether that is to fill the prescription, provide additional guidance to the patient or follow up with the patients physician.

As retail pharmacists take on greater responsibilities beyond filling prescriptions and providing general advice for taking medications, demands on their time and energy have increased, said president Bob Katter. FDB is pleased to offer a transformative clinical guidance solution that helps pharmacists meet these demands and practice at the top of their license in order to best serve the health and safety needs of their patients.

In addition, the tool also identifies therapeutic alternatives when available based on the patients risk and equips the pharmacist with a scripted narrative that can be used when counseling the patient or when discussing interventions with the physician. 

Moreover, FDB Navigo helps to significantly reduce the number of alerts retail pharmacists receive in order to alleviate their cognitive burden, according to the company. Unlike legacy clinical screening solutions, this new solution helps retail pharmacists, who are increasingly taking on expanded roles in patient care, to easily identify and respond to medication risks pertinent to individual patients to improve patient safety. Ultimately, FDB Navigo gives retail pharmacists more time and cognitive space to consult with patients and offer more primary care services, according to the company.

FDB Navigo leverages additional patient information, such as prescription history, previous alert outcomes and universal medication schedule, to provide patient-specific context for clinical guidance, helping to ensure medication safety,” said Chirag Patel, senior product manager. This product development approach, also reflected in other solutions within FDBs PatientFirst suite, helps retail pharmacists make more precise, evidence-based decisions.


CitrusAd names regional CEO of Asia Pacific, Japan

rob odd headshot

CitrusAd has appointed Rob Odd as its first regional CEO – Asia Pacific and Japan.

Odd’s move to CitrusAd marks a jump from an extensive agency career into retail media. Over the last 20 years Odd has held executive leadership positions for various agencies — most recently within the WPP network.

“CitrusAd’s growth in Asia Pacific and Japan has doubled in 2022, and with a strong pipeline from across the region, this is an important step in ensuring we respond to the needs of our growing retailer and advertiser network,” said Adam Skinner, chief operating officer at CitrusAd.

The company said that the appointment of this strategic role reflects CitrusAd’s focus on ensuring each region (Americas, APJ and EMEA) is set up for success to drive hyper-focused growth and customer retention, and has everything they need to continue to service their retailers and advertisers — “such attention to our partners’ needs has been at the core of CitrusAd’s success.”

“Retail media has already seen significant growth, but I believe we are still only scratching the surface of its potential. The CitrusAd platform and offering is best in class and the talented team behind it made this an opportunity just too good to refuse. I’m excited to join the team and help drive this next phase of growth,” Odd said.

Odd will be responsible for the CitrusAd business across six countries in the Asia Pacific region – Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea – as well as the company’s strategic partnerships in Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines. He will be tasked with focusing on team growth, customer success, strategic partnerships, client retention and new business development in the region.

“Rob’s diverse strengths and experience will provide a wealth of value as retailers commence new endeavors across on-site, off-site and in-store retail media in the APJ region. He has a passion for bringing together technology, media and data to drive results. Rob believes in taking a hands-on, consultative and collaborative approach to team growth, clients and sales.” said Skinner.


Unilever’s The Ice Cream Shop available nationwide via Instacart

unilever the ice cream shop

The Ice Cream Shop, which was created by Unilever to help consumers curb their ice cream cravings, is now available nationwide.

Through a partnership with Instacart, the virtual restaurant’s delivery service is now expanded beyond select major metropolitan areas, the company said.

Consumers from across the nation can now browse a selection of  Unilever brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Good Humor, Klondike, Magnum ice cream, Popsicle and Talenti.

An option to browse such categories as best sellers, classics, chocolate and vanilla, chunks and swirls, gluten-free, peanut-free and frozen novelties also is available, the company said.

The Ice Cream Shop is available on Instacart from coast to coast.