Meijer emphasizes importance of flu vaccines

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With flu season right around the corner, Meijer and its pharmacists are looking to help keep consumers from getting ill.

The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer is emphasizing the importance of obtaining a flu vaccine early, before the season gets in full swing.

“We know many people are tired of hearing about vaccines right now,” Jackie Morse, Meijer vice president of pharmacy said. “However, COVID-19 is still a real concern and if people come down with the seasonal flu on top of COVID-19, the illness could be much worse for them and the impact could be greater on the health systems.”

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For those who are looking to obtain their flu vaccine and have not yet been vaccinated for COVID-19, individuals will be able to receive both shots at the same time, the company said.

All Meijer pharmacists will be following specific protocols to disinfect surfaces and areas where vaccines are administered between each patient, and also will be wearing masks. Customers who come in for vaccinations are to also be required to wear a face covering.

In addition, obtaining a flu shot or other immunization at Meijer may count as a prescription credit in the mPerks Pharmacy Rewards program, which gives shoppers the opportunity to earn savings on future purchases, the company said.

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Those interested in obtaining a flu vaccine can simply text the word flu to the number 7509 to schedule an appointment. For COVID-19 vaccines, interested parties can text the word COVID to the same number listed above for an appointment.