Impact Summit focuses on how to lead a digital transformation

We all are living through the fourth Industrial Revolution, blending the cyber and physical worlds and unleashing a dramatic digital shift. Most companies are emphasizing technologies, but the winners are focusing on business transformation. This year’s most recent Impact Summit, “Thriving in an Amazon/Walmart World,” held Aug. 23 at the Bostonian Hotel in Boston ahead of NACDS Total Store Expo, was a day filled with emerging insights, thought leadership and inspiration.

“We now live in an era of the never-satisfied customer. Customers no longer compare you to who’s next to you on the shelf. They now compare you to the best service they’ve ever received,” said Dan Mack, founder of Chicago-based Mack Elevation and the moderator of the summit. “Sustainable competitive advantage is not simply about scale anymore. It’s about scale, speed and convenience.”

The objective of the annual growth summit was to discuss the industry’s newest thinking on building a thriving and profitable digital partnership with Amazon and Walmart.

  • Mack moderated the discussion, which featured seven thought leaders, including:

  • Bryan Gildenberg, chief knowledge officer at Kantar Consulting, who discussed thriving in an era of digital adolescence;

  • Molly Schonthal, vice president of innovation and insights at Salsify, who discussed winning the digital shelf;

  • Keith Anderson, senior vice president of strategy and insights at Profitero, speaking on lessons from emerging digital-first brands;

  • Melissa Burdick, president of Pacvue, who discussed real-world applications and tools in artificial intelligence;

  • Chris Perry, vice president of global executive education at Edge By Ascential, who discussed real-time brand negotiations;

  • Meagan Bowman, founder of Stonehenge Labs, discussing how speed is the new success metric; and

  • Craig Dubitsky, founder of Hello Products, who shared his ideas on building a purpose-driven, experimenting and agile company.

The summit included audience input from 75 leaders of top health and beauty care companies, who shared their thoughts and achievements on building their evolving, global digital businesses.

On average, only 1-in-10 companies enjoy profitable growth for 10 years or more, and the biggest barrier to growth is internal alignment.

According to Mack, “digital leadership is not about technology, it’s about leading organizational transformation to effectively navigate the future.

To learn more, contact Dan Mack, managing partner of Mack Elevation, for advisory support, coaching and alignment training.