How AI can help marketers

BY Sandra Levy

Speaking at the Omnichannel and Digital Merchandising Summit in Chicago, Jim Lecinski, associate clinical professor of marketing at Northwestern University, said that artificial intelligence and machine learning have the most potential to transform business and shopper experiences.

As many marketers are starting to ask how these trends will impact their business, 47% of marketers think it is a fad that will fade.

“There’s sort of the agita, if you will, around this more so than the promise or the excitement of a future competitive advantage differentiator moving forward,” Lecinski said.

He eased marketers by pointing out that they have been using data and machines to make predictions. “It’s largely been a human-dominated, human-controlled function to make those predictions,” he said. “Now, what’s new and what’s different is not the term AI, but the fact that there’s now enough computing power out there in the world.”

Lecinski advised marketers looking to bring AI to bear on their businesses to lean in early and make it their competitive advantage. “We are an inflection point, where marketers now must infuse machine learning to super charge each ‘moment of truth’ in their consumer’s decision journey to gain competitive advantage,” he said.


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