Future 50: HRG’s annual Emerging Brands Report

While novelty is a key element to keeping customers happy, retailers rarely are faced with a shortage of products that might end up on their shelves. That’s where the new product team at Waukesha, Wis.-based Hamacher Resource Group comes in.

Throughout 2018, the new product team reviewed 2,587 new products across the health, wellness and beauty categories — up 7% from the number of products reviewed in 2017. The team rated products based on a weighted review of promotional support, product innovation, its earning potential and its category.

From its review of products, HRG identified the Future 50 Emerging Brands, which encases the products that most set themselves apart based on sales indicators and community pharmacy distribution. Click below to download the full Future 50 report. 

  • HRG Future 50 2019

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