Inside Beauty: Soapbox co-founder and CEO discusses the personalization of hair care

David Simnick, co-founder and CEO of Soapbox, shares how the beauty industry embraces all kinds of hair types and why consumers seek personalized ingredients for their tresses.
Julianne Mobilian
Managing Editor
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In the latest installment of Inside Beauty, Julianne Mobilian, managing editor of Drug Store News, spoke with David Simnick, co-founder and CEO of Soapbox, to discuss the latest trends in hair care. 

Simnick discussed how consumers gravitate toward personalizing hair care and how the beauty industry offers specialized ingredients for all hair types. Hair care has become a "choose your own adventure," Simnick said, and customers can choose from many products on the shelves.

Also, find out why Simnick thinks TikTok is "both a blessing and a curse" in the full video above.