Industry Issues Summit panel weighs in on how focusing on patients can improve outcomes

The first panel of DSN’s annual Industry Issues Summit highlighted how a laser focus on patients can drive improved outcomes.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Drug Store News kicked off the first day of its three-day annual Industry Issues Summit today with retailers sharing their strategies for focusing on patients to improve outcomes. 

Moderated by Dave Wendland of HRG, the panel featured top executives from leading retailers sharing how they are using technology and other strategies to personalize care for patients.  

Leon Nevers, director of business development, procurement and supply chain at H-E-B, made note to highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many of the practices being implemented today. 

We went through this very high technology time, where everyone was working on efficiency and the best way to drive sales, profits and increase efficiency and working together to bring what the customer wanted, Nevers said. 

Bill Shinton, vice president of health and wellness operations at Kroger, made a note to point out how patients getting to know their pharmacists can also impact personalized care. 

Panelists also weighed in on the importance of social determinants of health. Sherri Keeth, senior director, healthcare strategy and business development at Sam’s Club highlighted how social determinants exist for everyone but they are a bigger factor in underserved communities.

Lastly, Stacy Burch, vice president of marketing and commercial excellence of diabetes care at BD emphasized how ultimately the industry must come together and collaborate to help better serve patients. 

The second day of the Industry Issues Summit, taking place Nov. 30, will feature a panel discussing how pharmacies are transforming into healthcare destinations.

Those interested in attending can register here