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Flu shots available at Walmart

Low-cost flu shots are now available in more than 4,600 Walmart pharmacies nationwide.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Walmart is helping America stay healthy this flu season by making it easier than ever to get flu shots.  Low-cost flu shots are now available in more than 4,600 Walmart pharmacies nationwide via walk-up and community flu shot clinics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone aged six months and older receive a flu shot each year. Further, the CDC recommends COVID-19 vaccination for everyone age 12 years old and older, especially as cases are on the rise.

Walmart pharmacies across the country offer both vaccines, and customers can receive a low-cost flu and free COVID-19 vaccine at the same time, if they choose.

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“It’s important we don’t let our guard down with our health this fall. Between COVID-19 vaccines and the annual flu shot, we know people may be experiencing ‘vaccine fatigue,’ but these preventive measures have never been more vital to keeping our communities healthy,” Del Sloneker, senior vice president and chief operating officer, health and wellness, said. “It’s on all of us to do our part and is just another way we’re making it simple to live better, healthier lives.”

Walmart’s flu shots are administered by certified pharmacists and health care professionals who are trusted members of their communities and understand local health needs.

In addition to just being able to walk-in, Walmart also continues to have a variety of initiatives in place to make it easy to get vaccinated while following COVID-19 safety protocols, including hosting flu shot clinics in select markets. 

To learn more about the flu shots and wellness resources available at your neighborhood Walmart, please visit here.