Febreze Fabric Antimicrobial aims to kill bacteria on soft surfaces

Febreze Fabric Antimicrobial is a multipurpose fabric spray that looks to kill bacteria, eliminate odors, and prevent the growth of mold and mildew on soft surfaces, the company said.

Febreze is looking to help consumers keep the soft surfaces of their home clean.

To do that, the Cincinnati-based company is introducing consumers to its latest innovation — Febreze Fabric Antimicrobial.

“We know sanitizing hard surfaces is part of everyone’s cleaning routines, but we found people are missing a large portion of their regularly used surfaces, their soft surfaces,” Angelica Matthews, the senior brand director at Febreze said. “In fact, according to our recent survey, more than half of Americans claim their sofa is the central piece of furniture in their homes, however 47% say they sanitize it less than once a month or have never sanitized it at all.”

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This multi-purpose fabric spray looks to kill 99.9% of bacteria, as well as eliminate odors and prevent the growth of mold and mildew on these surfaces, the company said.

To use the spray, consumers must first clean soiled soft surfaces, then spray the surface evenly until visibly wet for about five minutes with the spray. Consumers must then let the item dry completely before use.

“It’s no secret that kids, pets, and parents are bringing a lot of bacteria into their homes daily,” Morgan Brashear, a senior scientist at Febreze said. “Research shows that large numbers of bacteria can live on the bottom of shoes, averaging 421,000 colony forming units (CFU)/cm sq. — more than 2,000 times more bacteria per square centimeter than on your toilet seat. Yet over half of Americans leave their shoes on when they enter their home, and over 70% place shoes — along with bags and clothes they’ve worn outside — on their couch. These bacteria can also produce unwanted bad odors. Febreze created the new Febreze Fabric Antimicrobial to address both concerns — sanitization and odor elimination- at the same time in one simple product.”

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Consumers can find Febreze Fabric Antimicrobial online and at major retailers for the suggested retail price of $8.