Dr. Squatch broadens distribution to Walmart

DSN spoke with Josh Friedman, CMO of Dr. Squatch, about the brand’s expansion into Walmart.
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Online Editor
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Fans of Dr. Squatch products can soon head to their nearest Walmart to pick up whatever brand essentials they run out of.

The men’s natural soap and personal care company recently announced that its products are to be featured in the retailer’s personal care aisle, expanding its retail footprint.

DSN spoke with Josh Friedman, CMO for the brand about what the expansion means for Dr. Squatch overall and how this partnership came to be.

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When it came to finding the right retail partner, things simply fell into place when the brand was in early discussions with Walmart.

They let us know that one of their senior leaders was a big fan of the brand and had noticed our ad in the 2021 Super Bowl. After exploring the partnership further, it became clear that our retail goals aligned with Walmart’s overall strategy,” Friedman said.

When it came to choosing what products would be best suited for Walmart’s customers, especially for those unaware of the brand who wanted to add something new to their personal care routines, Dr. Squatch decided to feature some of its best-selling products.

We wanted to give new customers a great first experience with Dr. Squatch products, so we chose some of our strongest performing and most popular products for the initial launch at Walmart. Social media is a key channel through which we collect customer feedback, reviews, and ratings about our products, which helped us craft the initial Walmart product offerings,” Friedman said.

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Some of those top products that consumers will be able to shop at Walmart include the Bar Soaps in pine tar, fresh falls, wood barrel bourbon and cedar citrus scents; shampoo and conditioner in pine tar and fresh falls; and Soap Gripper accessories.

For shoppers unfamiliar with Dr. Squatch, the brand is hoping that its products and social media presence will encourage consumers to give its products a try.

“In expanding into retail, we wanted to find a way to bring our brand to life and engage with customers in-person in a complementary way to what we’re able to do on social media or in our YouTube videos,” Friedman said. “Our inline unit that will sit on the shelves at Walmart and hold our product features our distinct marketing and branding to draw attention to our products and showcase the brand. We hope that these branded displays will help us connect new customers to the Dr. Squatch story and mission.”

For those who are already fans of the brand, alongside some of their fan-favorite products, consumers also will be able to new bundled offerings at, Freidman explained.

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Keeping its eyes on the future, the brand is hoping to continue building upon its current success. “In 2022 we have some exciting launches planned, including new limited edition drops, partnerships, and new product categories,” Freidman said.