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July 2022

In this issue, DSN takes a close look at the challenges the generics industry faces and its bright future with biosimilars. Also inside, consumer interest in skin care is about the face as well as the entire body, sun care brands dip their toes into the beauty and cosmetics space with new products, the women's health category experiences disruption and much more!

June 2022
This month, DSN shines a light on the challenges retailers face with out-of-stocks and few new product launches when filling their shelves. Plus, pharmacy technology and automation companies provide solutions to increase personalization and pharmacists' time to offer clinical services, supplements and OTC products help keep gut health and digestion running smoothly, the beverage market rebounds with some help from the pandemic, REX Awards 2022 spotlights standout beauty brands, and much more!

May 2022
In this issue, DSN delved into the pros and cons of a proposed rule on DIR fees right before CMS issued a final rule that put a stop to the retroactive fees, beginning Jan. 1, 2024. Also inside, a look at how beauty brands are seeking ways to reduce waste via packaging innovations, the state of the supermarket pharmacy business, how eye and ear care are still driven by pandemic-related trends, the transformation of immunity supplements as the new multivitamin, and much more!

April 2022
This month, DSN examines how retailers are testing new concepts to grab shoppers' attention and ignite sales of impulse-driven merchandise. Plus, retail pharmacy steps up to meet consumers' evolving needs as online competitors continue to gain traction, the founders and top executives of women-led beauty brands share their insights in a virtual roundtable, a sneak peek at some of the new product and service innovations from participating companies at NACDS Annual, REX Awards 2022 highlight technology and automation companies, and much more!

March 2022
In this issue, DSN features top women in pharmacy and retail chains ascending in their respective fields. Also inside: industry experts offer bold ideas to address challenges in retail pharmacy, consumers reach for gummies and expanded delivery formats, the REX Awards 2022 spotlight OTC and preventive health products and much more!

This month, DSN takes retail pharmacy's temperature by asking executives and those who provide products and services to weigh in on where the industry stands, where it's going, and how it must adapt and evolve to get there. Plus, day two of DSN's annual Industry Issues Summit panel, hydration trends and antiaging ingredients in skin care, generic drugmakers share their outlook on the year ahead, innovative devices and technology in diabetes care, new ingredients with added health benefits in sleep solutions, natural and eco-friendly products in the feminine care category, CBD topicals and product trends, and more!

In this issue, DSN takes a look at ways retail pharmacies are becoming a tour de force in an unexpected area — providing mental health services — as the pandemic takes a psychological toll on Americans. Also inside: Retail Excellence Awards pay tribute to an impressive array of natural products brands, pandemic-fueled interest in healthier living boosts sales for wellness, clean beauty brands, investments in innovation and automation drive pharmacy efficiencies, the cough-cold/flu category shifts its in-store strategy as more shoppers stay home, and much more!


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