Rayovac campaign asks shoppers to ‘Love Your Battery’

BY Gisselle Gaitan

After being silent for nearly a decade, Rayovac burst back onto the scene with a seasonal campaign relaunch in 2016. As part of those continued efforts, the company is looking to make its presence known year-round through a new digital and print partnership with Meredith publications, and a brand-new ad campaign.

The “Love Your Battery” campaign, which was created by full-service advertising agency, Lindsay Stone & Briggs, targets parents and celebrates a love for batteries by setting the scene with real-life sentimental moments.

“People often overlook the things that keep their lives running, especially if they’re in the background and just expected to work,” Michele Woolever, senior product marketing manager for Spectrum Brands, said. “The Love Your Battery campaign was inspired by those real-life moments that we don’t want to be interrupted. These are the moments where batteries are needed most.”

One of the ads in the new campaign for Rayovac’s Fusion Batteries features a brother and sister reading under a blanket fort together that’s kept lit by the battery in their flashlight. Emphasizing these moments is what “Love Your Battery” will continue to do by featuring quiet moments between loved ones where batteries play a key role in creating a long-lasting connection, the company said.

Tugging at the heartstrings isn’t the only way the brand wants to get its message across. Rayovac said it also will incorporate social media, digital banners, video, mobile and print ads to raise awareness and sales of its products.


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