New SmartMouth solution provides greater value, convenience

BY Michael Johnsen

ST. LOUIS — Triump Pharmaceuticals recently announced a novel improvement to its bad breath solution SmartMouth: A new technology where the two SmartMouth solutions for bad breath will be dispensed through a single-bottle, dual-pour system. That product will hit store shelves this fall, the company said. 
Prior to the new product introduction, SmartMouth required the use of two separate solutions in two separate bottles with pumps, inside a box.
The creation of bad breath is a natural and ongoing process. There are germs in the mouth which break down protein particles and that are always present in our saliva. This results in the production of foul smelling sulfur gas, which is what produces bad breath.  
SmartMouth helps put a stop to the sulfur gas all day and all night long.    
SmartMouth is consulted by David Biernbaum, who with his teams, have guided more than 200 active consumer goods products onto store shelves.  

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