Clairol unveils Root Touch-up Color Blending Gel

BY Gisselle Gaitan

Clairol is looking to help consumers who need to touch up their roots, but might not have the time to run to the salon.

To help consumers coverup grays or their natural root color, the beauty brand is unveiling its new Root Touch-up Color Blending Gel, which is a semi-permanent solution that lasts longer than one day and doesn’t have any of the drawbacks of using permanent color, the company said.

The blending gel, which is ammonia and peroxide free, allows consumers to achieve precise coverage, does not require any mixing, leaves hair soft and free of damage and also lasts for 10 or more washes.

In order to use the product, consumers just need to brush on with the brush applicator, let it sit for ten minutes then wash out, the company said.

The multi-use formula is packaged in a tube that contains the brush applicator and a twist and lock cap that is able to last through multiple reapplications.

Available in six shades — black, medium brown, light brown, blonde, dark brown and auburn red — Clairol’s Root Touch-up Color Blending Gel can be found on the company’s website and wherever health and beauty aids are sold for the suggested retail price of $9.99.


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