Albertsons unveils shopper-focused digital features

The retailer’s new Meal Planning and Schedule and Save platforms give users the option to integrate their menu planning and shopping lists into one.

Albertsons is continuing to expand its digital capabilities.

The Boise, Idaho-based retailer recently launched two new digital offerings — Meal Planning and Schedule and Save.

Each of these new offerings will give shoppers the option to integrate their menu planning and shopping lists, as well as auto-replenish any essential items.

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“Our customers continue to look for new ways to save time and money when planning meals and shopping at their neighborhood Albertsons banner store,” Chris Rupp, Albertsons executive vice president and chief customer and digital officer said. “These two new features are important ways we’re helping customers reduce the effort associated with grocery shopping so they can spend the time enjoying meals with family and friends.”

With the Meal Planning option, which is integrated to the Mealime meal planning app, customers can obtain access to easy and personalized recipes that have been developed by professional chefs and dieticians.

By using the Schedule and Save tool, shoppers will obtain access to an auto-replenishment offering that can help ensure household essentials are always in stock. Developed to automate the task of routine shopping, products scheduled for purchase will be offered at a discounted price. Pickup or delivery is available for this new tool, the company said.

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Currently, Schedule and Save is available to select Safeway customers in northern California. Albertsons plans to expand the program nationwide and include a continuous expanding list of items in 2022.