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Stymied by weak demand in a recessionary economy, intensifying generic competition, a relative dearth of research-and-development breakthroughs and an ongoing loss of patent protection for some of their biggest-selling pioneering medicines, branded pharmaceutical manufacturers have scrambled over the last three years to restore their once-enviable track record for product innovation and sales growth. And 2009 was no exception.
The ubiquitous universe of social media — comprised of blogs, microblogs, podcasts, social networks, video sharing sites and more — still holds many unanswered questions for some industry marketers. But there's one thing that is certain: Social media is changing the way consumers behave, and companies and brands must embrace and effectively plug into today's social world. Those that don't will be left in the dark. Find out how top retailers like Walgreens, CVS, Target, etc., as well as top...
A new model for pharmacy and healthcare retailing is fast taking shape at Walgreens headquarters in Deerfield, Ill. And as that new strategy works its way through the company’s vast, nationwide network of some 8,000 “points of care,” it’s transforming the way this storied, 108-year-old drug store giant goes to market and serves America’s patients and consumers.
Three Food and Drug Administration advisory committees voted on sweeping changes regarding the marketing, merchandising and formulation of acetaminophen products last month, though the proposed changes fell short of pulling combination products containing acetaminophen off the market. This ECRM section covers intricacies of the FDA committees' decision, as well as external analgesics, foot care, PSE regulations and baby care.
When the going gets tough, the tough look for new ways to serve patients. Over the past year, the growing healthcare funding crisis and the worst economic climate since the 1930s have spawned competing health-reform proposals in Washington and cast a cloud of uncertainty over the U.S. health system, including community pharmacy. But they also have unleashed a flurry of retail innovation in such areas as pharmacy-based care, medication therapy management and patient compliance initiatives.
The challenging economy undoubtedly has dulled oral care sales as cash-strapped shoppers increasingly have turned to such high-value retailers as warehouse clubs and dollar stores. However, research suggests that manufacturers can help restore the segment's luster by focusing on offering the most value-added benefits at the best price.
Dietary supplements have been in the news lately, and not altogether for good reasons. Critics are crying for greater dietary supplement regulation after the recent recall of Hydroxycut, a popular weight-loss aid, and a number of Food and Drug Administration warning letters to companies claiming to field supplements but making outlandish (and illegal) claims, as well as the constant claims by professional athletes that the banned substances for which they tested positive were found in...
On the following pages, you'll find a list of 30 products — all recently launched or about to be launched — that caught the attention of Drug Store News' editors in a big way in the past year. It's a short list of products our editors believe will really drive incremental growth in the year to come.
This installment of Business of Beauty includes L'Oréal's 100 years in beauty, a roundup of color cosmetics sales in 2008, Coty's success with Del Labs, Revlon's restructuring, value products' effect on the hair category, shopper buzz and more.
The value of niche is in the customer that a niche manufacturer brings through the door. Sometimes it’s measured in incremental opportunity, such as a prophylactic acne offering among a sea of acne treatments. And sometimes it’s measured in what happens if that niche brand is not on the shelf, driving the customer to another retail outlet. That value doesn’t change in a tough economy, but the factors that establish whether or not a niche manufacturer ever gets to the shelf, and stays on that...