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CVS Health, Cigna unveil Cigna Health Works collaboration

The program for patients with Cigna-administered health plans sponsored by their employer is aimed at reducing healthcare costs by offering patient engagement and discounts for certain MinuteClinic services and CVS Health-branded health products, among other resources. 

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Report: Illness-detection device wins $2.5 million

An XPRIZE competition has awarded $2.5 million to Penn.-based Frontier Medical Devices for its machine, DxtER, which uses sensors to check a person’s biological functions, vital signs and body chemistry, then uses an artificial intelligence engine come up with a diagnosis, according to a report from SingularityHub. The competition, inspired by a “Star Trek” device called the Tricorder, selected DxtER from entrants, all of whose devices had to weigh less than 5 lbs., diagnose 10 core health conditions and be smartphone- and tablet-compatible. (SingularityHub)