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Report: London Drugs could be first to market with medical marijuana

London Drugs is hoping to beat Shoppers Drug Mart to market in terms of dispensing medical marijuana, Canada's Tri-City News reported Thursday. “We’ll be as fast as the laws allow," London Drugs VP John Tse told the Candadian daily, "but it could happen overnight, we’re that ready." London Drug pharmacists are already reviewing potential drug-drug interactions. "We're interested from the perspective of how does it affect other medication the patient might be on and other health conditions they might have,” Tse said. “As a pharmacy we want it all documented properly so that we can advise patients and other health care professionals.” (Tri-City News)

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Report: AstraZeneca to shed 700 U.S. jobs

The company told USA Today the cuts would take effect Feb. 10, with its Fairfax, Delaware headquarters seeing about 120 of the expected cuts, with other impacted roles spanning those that are field-based in both sales and non-sales.