video | July 18, 2017

Alibaba’s Hema melds online, offline grocery

The Chinese e-commerce behemoth has opened three new membership supermarkets, under the Hema banner in Beijing and Shanghai that seamlessly blend offline features with physical retail. 

video | July 18, 2017

TheraGun improves upon portable pain-relieving vibration device

Created by chiropractor Jason Wersland, the TheraGun G2PRO harnesses the medical benefits of localized vibration therapy to treat muscular discomfort.

video | July 13, 2017

EliteHealth launches senior-focused AI health companion

EliteHealth’s Intelliwellness AVA can ask questions about a patient’s mental and physical wellbeing, collect vitals, remind patients to take their medication and deliver doctor instructions and health education. 

video | July 11, 2017

Retailer Brandless makes a brand play for no-frills value online

The latest "dollar store" Brandless is open for business online, merchandising hundreds of SKUs all for the low price of $3.

video | July 6, 2017

Nicholas Hall challenges OTC marketers to do better in latest conference

Nicholas Hall in June hosted an OTC conference featuring many industry heavyweights as they debated the business opportunties and challenges surrounding OTC medicines.

video | July 6, 2017

Georgia Tech tests microneedle flu vaccine patch

Using microneedle patch technology, a recent clinical trial found that vaccination by microneedle patch was as safe and as effective as a standard flu shot.

slideshow | July 5, 2017

High deductible plans help fuel expansion

The retail clinic space represents a fast-growing industry that hasn’t even scratched the surface in terms of its full potential given constant market pressures to make health care more affordable, more accessible and more efficient. Today, there are approximately 2,400 convenient care clinics in 43 states and the District of Columbia that have served more than 35 million consumers.

slideshow | July 5, 2017

Brand licensing helps lift bandage sales

Unintentional cuts and piercings account for 6.3% of all non-fatal injuries, according to the latest data from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Overall, that contributes almost $910.6 million to the sales of first aid bandages.

slideshow | July 5, 2017

Brands brush up on dental hygiene sales

A trend toward “premiumization” and building momentum for more naturally positioned offerings, as well as growing awareness of dental hygiene and the rising prevalence of cavities, drove the $27 billion global oral care market in 2016.

slideshow | July 5, 2017

Pesticide-free solutions

Parents and school nurses alike have expressed plenty of concern about super lice and how to treat these pesticide-resistant hair vermin safely, and most importantly, effectively. A number of OTC manufacturers have responded with product launches and offerings that effectively address ridding households of lice infestations.