video | September 3, 2015

Daily Diversion: Stephen Colbert teams up with Waze

Stephen Colbert, who is gearing up to host his first "The Late Show" on Tuesday, is the new voice of Waze.

video | September 2, 2015

Daily Diversion: Feeling a smile

To accompany the Listerine Smile Detector app’s launch, Johnson & Johnson created a short video that shows them letting people born blind or who have lost their sight try the app and feel their loved ones’ smiles.

video | September 2, 2015

Coca-Cola releases film honoring Hispanic Heritage Month

“Orgulloso De Ser” depicts people sharing their family stories and displaying pride of their heritage by applying a temporary tattoo of their last name using the special Coca-Cola Heritage Tattoo Can.

video | September 1, 2015

Daily Diversion: Artistic cycling

Nicole Frýbortová is a professional athlete in a little-known sport called artistic cycling.

video | August 31, 2015

Daily Diversion: Reporter vs. bug

Watch a San Diego news reporter go toe-to-with a flying insect on air. 

video | August 28, 2015

Daily Diversion: 3M has fun with science

3M, makers of Post-it Note and other household and office supplies,  recently uploaded a video of its own Rube Goldberg machine to its YouTube page.

video | August 28, 2015

Head & Shoulders names Odell Beckham Jr. as hair ambassador

Head & Shoulders, the official shampoo of the NFL, announced on Friday that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is the company’s newest hair ambassador.

video | August 27, 2015

Walk a Walgreens mile and earn money for charity

Walkers and runners earn 25 cents per mile for their chosen charity, while bikers earn 10 cents per mile. 

video | August 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Where's the beef?

In honor of the potential partnership here, DSN offers a look back at the days of less cordial relationships among burger makers, with the iconic 1984 Wendy’s commercial.

video | August 26, 2015

NutriForward introduces new dietary ingredient to support appetite suppression

NutriForward on Wednesday introduced its new dietary ingredient RiduZone, a naturally occurring appetite regulator that it says supports healthy weight, appetite, body-fat composition and cholesterol levels in adults