video | October 13, 2015

Daily Diversion: Pee wee football dance party

Watch a pee wee football team take a dance break in between — and during — plays. 

video | October 13, 2015

NCPA, HHS collaborate on Medicare Part D enrollment

The collaboration includes webinars and community events for the pharmacy community, a resource guide available through NCPA and access to navigators and assistors.

video | October 12, 2015

NCPA recognizes two industry pioneers in adherence

The NCPA Outstanding Adherence Practitioner Award recognizes an independent community pharmacist who demonstrates a continuous commitment to patient adherence services.

video | October 12, 2015

AARP raises awareness around national caregiver campaign

AARP is hosting a Virtual Family Caregiving Fair that will take place on Nov. 19., where, from the comfort of a home or office, a caregiver can register and join the free fair online.

video | October 12, 2015

NCPA honors Upsher-Smith Laboratories

Upsher-Smith Laboratories was honored Sunday with the National Community Pharmacists Association 2015 Corporate Recognition Award.

video | October 9, 2015

Daily Diversion: Remembering John Lennon

Listen to one of DSN’s favorite John Lennon songs in honor of the singer/songwriter’s 75th birthday. 

video | October 8, 2015

Janssen ‘Healthy Minds’ videos address mental health stigma

Janssen has launched a new video series with the goal of breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness that features mental health advocates and experts. 

video | October 8, 2015

Just a Drop odor eliminator gains traction

Just a Drop odor eliminator has been getting high-profile exposure lately, being featured on “Dr. Oz” and “The Doctors.”

video | October 8, 2015

DSNTV: Good Neighbor Pharmacy's Jennifer Zilka

Drug Store News spoke with Jennifer Zilka, National Director Business Coaching and Pharmacy Ownership at Good Neighbor Pharmacy, at this year’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy ThoughtSpot 2015 conference hosted by AmerisourceBergen to discuss Good Neighbor Pharmacy's Business Coaching, tools pharmacists can use to enhance their business and how AmerisourceBergen enables the utilization of big data.

video | October 7, 2015

DSNTV: AmerisourceBergen's Peyton Howell

Drug Store News had the opportunity to sit down with Peyton Howell, President Global Sourcing and Manufacturer Relations, at this year’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy ThoughtSpot 2015 conference hosted by AmerisourceBergen to discuss how manufacturers should think strategically about independent pharmacy and how they can support Good Neighbor Pharmacy to level the playing field.