slideshow | July 22, 2014

SLIDESHOW: Live from McKesson ideaShare on Tuesday

McKesson ideaShare 2014 was in full swing on Tuesday from the tradefloor to Camp McKesson to the Health Mart Annual Meeting.

video | July 22, 2014

Health Mart Annual Meeting aims to help level the playing field

“You have to be willing to do what your competition is not willing to do.” That was one of the key messages from motivational speaker and Olympic speed skier Vince Poscente, which also tied into the message Steve Courtman, president of Health Mart, and Tony Willoughby, Health Mart chief pharmacist, had for attendees at Tuesday morning’s Health Mart Annual Meeting.

video | July 22, 2014

Walgreens announces new Balance Rewards for healthy choices

Walgreens on Tuesday announced the new Balance Rewards for healthy choices initiatives, which is aimed at helping participants modify behavior risk factors associated with the nation's most pressing public health issues.

slideshow | July 21, 2014

SLIDESHOW: Opening day at McKesson ideaShare 2014

The exhibit floor at McKesson ideaShare 2014 opened Monday evening after the Opening General Session, allowing attendees to get their first look at many of the programs McKesson has to offer.

video | July 21, 2014

Hayat Health Mart named McKesson Pharmacy of the Year

During the Opening General Session at McKesson’s 2014 ideaShare conference, Frank Starn, SVP and COO of McKesson U.S. Pharmaceutical, and Steve Courtman, president, Health Mart, presented Milwaukee, Wis.-based Hayat Health Mart Pharmacy with the grand prize as the 2014 Pharmacy of the Year award winner.

video | July 16, 2014

Aid-Tec launches bandage line with topical applicator

Aid-Tec recently introduced a unique bandage line that contains a breakable capsule that when broken releases a dose of a multi-compound therapeutic substance onto the bandage.

video | July 15, 2014

VIDEO: Doyle Jensen of Innovation discusses technology's impact on pharmacy

Making key decisions about implementing pharmacy automation at both the pharmacy and central fill levels has been a challenge throughout the industry. However, times are changing. To discuss how technology is impacting the industry and how innovative solutions are helping to boost pharmacists' productivity, drive ROI and optimize the fulfillment process, DSNTV recently interviewed Doyle Jensen of Innovation for its Executive Viewpoint video series.

audio | July 9, 2014

Q&A with Mike Kaufmann: Opportunities for independent pharmacy

Drug Store News sat down with Mike Kaufmann, CEO of the pharmaceutical segment for Cardinal Health, to discuss how pharmacy has evolved into the dynamic opportunity it is today, as well as the growth opportunities for women in pharmacy.

slideshow | July 8, 2014

Rite Aid enters fifth Health Alliance partnership

Rite Aid and Heritage Provider Network last month announced a new agreement to bring the Rite Aid Health Alliance program to HPN's chronic and polychronic patients in Southern California.

slideshow | July 8, 2014

Latest evolution of RAD Wellness ‘90210-worthy’ - Part 1

Rite Aid celebrated the latest evolution of its Wellness store format, with a June 23 grand opening truly befitting of its 90210 address.