video | March 29, 2017

Amazon pilots grocery pick-up in Seattle

Amazon has opened its latest grocery initiative, which takes a direct hit at the “click and collect” pickup services that more and more supermarket retailers are offering.

video | March 29, 2017

J&J QuickFire Challenge fosters innovation to improve use of medications

QuickFire Challenge winners will receive grants totaling up to $200,000, entrance to a Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS facility and/or mentoring from Johnson & Johnson Innovation.

video | March 28, 2017

Kroger captures spirit of company's people and projects with new multimedia site

The new website features a variety of voices – produced by both freelancers and Kroger associates – sharing stories about Kroger's people and innovative projects.

video | March 27, 2017

Jerky maker Lorissa’s Kitchen launches convenience-focused ad campaign

The “Snack more, make snacks less” campaign kicked off Monday with TV spots that feature Lorissa's Kitchen snacks as a solution to time-consuming snack prep.

video | March 27, 2017

HealthTap debuts Doctor. A.I. for Amazon Echo

Starting March 27, Echo users can access Doctor A.I. by saying “Ask Doctor A.I.” The Amazon Echo will then assess the user’s symptoms and suggest potential ailments, noting the likelihood of each.

video | March 27, 2017

Amazon reportedly makes first U.S. drone delivery

Amazon tested the first autonomous drone delivery in the United States, roughly three months after its first delivery in England. 

video | March 27, 2017

The Exchange generates $8.3 billion, dispurses $224 million in dividends

The Exchange dispursed $224 million in dividends in the last year, which supports the military and their families.

slideshow | March 24, 2017

Bartell Drugs sees tangible results with Prime Now service

Cough-cold medications, pain relievers, fruit juices and ready-to-eat foods have all been excellent sellers with this delivery service, the Seattle-based retailer told Drug Store News.


video | March 23, 2017

Pantene’s new Gold Series, campaign assert ‘all strong hair is beatiful’

The brand has created the Pantene Gold Series to better serve the needs of African-American shoppers, incorporating years of research on textured hair into eight care and styling products.
video | March 22, 2017

New allergy solution Xyzal finds allergy sufferers are four times more likely to not sleep well

Xyzal is partnering with allergist Neeta Ogden to encourage allergy sufferers to learn more about the importance of managing their allergies this spring to prevent sleep problems.