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CUSTOMER PROFILING: Three shoppers you need to know better

In this special report, DSN examines three critically important consumer segments for future growth: millennials, boomers/seniors and Hispanics. In the years to come, these consumers will reshape retail and influence the CPG business in a number of key areas.


Menasha Packaging Co.'s Paul Murphy discusses navigating the Rx-to-OTC switch

Coca-Cola's John Carroll discusses big trends in the beverage category

Latest evolution of RAD Wellness ‘90210-worthy’

Rite Aid enters fifth Health Alliance partnership

DSN, Mack Elevation Forum to host all-star lineup at TSE

Q&A: Future of retail


PHARMACY: Automation helps improve outcomes, provides faster, cheaper Rx services
OTC: Lubricants, Plan B boost sales
OTC: First-aid segment sales spike for summer
BEAUTY: Anti-aging below the neck
BEAUTY: Mavens seek 'free' products for youthful skin
BEAUTY: Consumers want more, more, more from bath and body
BEAUTY: Baby brands embrace natural ingredients
CONSUMABLES: Seeking low-calorie option, consumers drink tea

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