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A new breed of drug-resistant head lice is driving a new wave of product solutions. Learn more in this special report.

CVS Summit examines shifting ecosystem
New General Market rewind
DSNTV: Live at Annual Meeting

Amazon and Whole Foods — 5 things to know about the blockbuster deal
Bottom Line: Coty taps social influencers, beauty shoppers for new Rimmel campaign
Pharmacists are foot soldiers in opioid war

Beauty: Consumers encouraged to buy, apply more sunscreen
Beauty: Brands brush up on dental hygiene sales
Beauty: Uninhibited consumers drive change
Beauty: Natural products still a force of nature
Beauty: At-home spa devices spur sales
HBA: What’s influencing how moms shop
Health: Brand licensing helps lift bandage sales
Health: Consumers on the lookout for effective, easy-to-use solutions at pharmacies
Health: Resistance is futile: Manufacturers look to physical solutions to combat super lice
Health: Pesticide-free solutions: ‘Super lice’ infestation products are populating the shelves
Pharmacy: High deductible plans help fuel expansion
Pharmacy: POC testing, vision and hearing centers are future of retail clinics

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