Tums debuts Tums Naturals 

David Salazar
Managing Editor
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GSK Consumer Healthcare’s Tums brand is expanding its offerings to meet consumer demand for naturally sourced products. The Warren, N.J.-based company is rolling out Tums Naturals, an antacid that is free of artificial flavors and dyes while offering multi-symptom relief of acid indigestion, sour stomach and burning in the chest.  

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The company noted that research has found that an increasing number of shoppers prefer products with natural ingredients but can’t find such options from brands they trust. The insight drove Tums to adapt its trusted products to meet consumer desires while still delivering heartburn relief. 

"As consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients they consume, we saw an opportunity to offer them the efficacy they rely on and expect from TUMS, while delivering on their desire for more natural-leaning solutions to their medicinal needs," said Amy Sharon, director at Tums. "Millions of people suffer from heartburn, caused by things like stress and the foods they consume, and our mission is to continue ensuring they have access to relief that fits their personal preferences, so heartburn isn't something they have to worry about."  

Tums Naturals are sold in two fruity flavor combinations — black cherry and watermelon, as well as coconut and pineapple. Both feature calcium carbonate as an active ingredient and also are free of GMOs and gluten. 

The products have rolled out in various sizes of packaging at drug stores nationwide.