Ragú kicks off brand relaunch

Ragú’s brand relaunch includes new packaging design across its entire range of products and the “Cook Like a Mother” campaign, which pays homage to its heritage.

Although Ragú’s pasta sauce has been around for more than 80 years, the brand is ready for a brand-new image.

The Mount Prospect, Ill.-based company kicked off a major brand relaunch, which includes new packaging design across its entire range of products and a new marketing campaign that pays homage to its heritage.

“We wanted to have a little fun with our brand relaunch campaign while also reminding consumers that, with a jar of Ragú, everyone can feel empowered to make a quick, easy and delicious meal,” said Megan Frank, senior vice president of marketing at Mizkan America, the maker of Ragú. 

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a close up of a bottle

Ragú has strong equity in its distinctive jar cap, but the yellow cap isn't just a recognizable brand asset — it’s a magnet that grabs your attention and pulls the eye in at shelf,” Frank said.  As the sauce aisle often has a dizzying array of choices that can make sauce shopping confusing, the new Ragú packaging was designed to help busy shoppers more quickly and conveniently identify their Ragú favorites and key sauce attributes.” 

With its “Cook Like a Mother” campaign, the brand aims to remind consumers that with a jar of one of its sauces, anyone can cook like their own mother.

Through this initiative, the brand will showcase a wide selection of its sauce varieties via TV ads.

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“We are excited to partner with Ragú and be a part of the iconic brand’s relaunch,” Tim Mattimore, executive vice president and executive creative director at Digitas, said. “This campaign was inspired by the fact that Ragú is the kind of comfort food that can act as a love language to your family; that food isn’t just fuel — it’s a culture, an identity and a sign of love. And Cooking ‘Like A Mother’ means creating an amazing meal even if you are not a mother or a skilled cook. It means stepping up to the stove with confidence and serving up homemade meals with pride.”