Teva releases limited doses of generic EpiPen

BY Sandra Levy

Teva is offering limited doses of the FDA approved generic version of Mylan’s EpiPen (epinephrine injection) auto-injector 0.3 mg.

Teva’s generic version of the EpiPen Jr auto-injector 0.15 mg and an additional supply of Teva’s generic version of the EpiPen auto-injector 0.3 mg are expected in 2019. The wholesale acquisition cost for the product is $300, Teva said.

Epinephrine injection is used to treat life-threatening, allergic emergencies, including anaphylaxis in people who are at risk for or have a history of serious allergic emergencies. Each device contains a single dose of epinephrine.

“We’re pleased to provide access to epinephrine injection for patients who may experience life threatening allergic emergencies, and we’re fully dedicated toward ensuring additional supply in 2019,” Teva executive vice president and head of North America commercial Brendan O’Grady said.


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