Leon Nevers

Tech has future role in chronic condition management

BY David Orgel

Chronic care management poses daunting challenges, and some industry experts are comforted by the possible future roles of technology to ease the hurdles.

“If you could zoom forward another 10 or 20 years, I think we’d be having a whole different level of conversation than what we have today,” said Leon Nevers, director of business development and procurement at H-E-B.

He noted that today, refill reminders are widespread, along with health screenings and immunizations. “We all obviously have the very basic levels of patient interaction covered.”

However, “technology is really what’s going to drive us and help integrate that entire patient experience in a way that really transforms lives,” he said.

He called this a “generational issue” because of the gradual nature of technology improvements. “I think the next generation, and the generation after, are really going to engage. The future looks bright when you have the ability to add technology to what we already do with the patient interaction from a human perspective, so I’m very optimistic about the future.”

Andre Persaud, a business advisor and senior industry executive, said he feels excited about the future in analyzing today’s consumer engagement with technology at retail.

“I think it’s a very interesting time when you look at just general retail statistics, where 80% of mobile users interact on the phone during a shopping experience,” he said. “And 50% of people who are engaging in some type of grocery purchase start on the phone, whether it’s for recipe or nutrition information.”

He said this ties directly back to health care. “I think health care is the next step on that.”


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