Fred’s makes naloxone available prescription-free in 5 states

BY David Salazar
MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Fred’s Pharmacy announced Wednesday that it was joining the ranks of drug chains making overdose reversal medication naloxone available without a prescription. The company has partnered with prescribers in Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee to make it possible for patients to obtain naloxone without having to first see a doctor. 
“Research shows, if consumers are given access to life-saving countermeasures for known or suspected opioid overdoses, these events will decrease and lives will be saved,” Fred’s Pharmacy director of clinical and professional services Tonya Shackleford said. “As a non-addictive antidote, naloxone is easy to administer and is now easier to acquire for those in need.”
The death rate from opioid overdose in the United States had increased 200% since the year 2000, with deaths impacting people between ages 25 and 44 years, particularly in southern states. Naloxone can be administered as an injection or nasal spray, and Fred’s encourages contacting a local Fred’s pharmacist for more information about obtaining naloxone, and calling 911 if someone suspects an overdose has occurred. 

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