New Walgreens partnership ties Balance Rewards to HSAs, health plans

BY Michael Johnsen

WALTHAM, Mass. — Alegeus Technologies on Tuesday announced an agreement with Walgreens that will enable Alegeus clients — including health insurance plans, third party administrators, benefit brokers and financial institutions — to enhance consumer engagement by allowing members to earn Balance Rewards points for completing certain healthcare saving or spending activities. Among the activities that will earn members rewards are making healthy choices, enrolling in and funding accounts, activating benefit debit cards and making certain purchases using their cards.
“We’re pleased to work with Alegeus to launch an offering that’s mutually beneficial for our customers,” Adam Pellegrini, Walgreens divisional VP digital health, said. “Walgreens maintains a strong focus on improving population health, and our Balance Rewards program supports this by rewarding healthy behaviors such as walking, biking and weight management.”
Under the agreement, participating Alegeus clients will be able to designate specific reward activities that align with their business objectives, like increasing account participation, improving engagement, increasing account and card utilization and making healthy choices. Members will then have the opportunity to accumulate Balance Rewards points that can be redeemed on Walgreens purchases in-store or online.
“The Alegeus platform supports more than 26 million consumers and processes more than $8.4 billion in consumer healthcare payments annually — and a significant percentage of those transactions take place at retailers like Walgreens,” Alegeus’ chief strategy officer John Park said. “We are very excited by this agreement, because it gives our clients an expanded toolset to drive consumer engagement and incent desired behaviors – meanwhile allowing their members to maximize the value of their healthcare dollars by saving on common purchases at a retailer that a significant percentage of our members are already frequenting.”

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